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Special Feature


Developing political events/issues of national/international significance concerned with Mr. George Weah, motivated this write-up. Although I have not met nor did I know young George Weah before or played any role, personally, in the “discovery, aiding and promoting” the young man to his world soccer fame, but as the senior “Pappy” of the Clan credited with Mr. George Weah’s rise, also, to national/international political fame, I am honored and pleased to be his natural, reasonable support.

Weah’s Political Problems Like, almost, all young (and old) and rising politicians, the issues of training, money and related problems are inherent in the political process and that the issues are not unexpected, especially, for the young, given the usual peer pressure, cultural flux and all other critical issues of today’s modern, political world.

To many observers, King George Weah’s problem is “Weah na no book” or that Weah lacks “book or academic knowledge”, while others (we fall in this group) hold that Weah’s major problem is not so much the absence of book knowledge, as such, but:

Firstly, it is the absence of the requisite political training/experience, the required executive management concerned with the problems of the people or group dynamics; and

Secondly, the lack of on-ground, in Liberia involvement, experience and knowledge of socio-cultural, economic and political dynamics of who says and does what to whom, why, where, when, where and how, and the context of these dynamics.

In these days of vicious, intensive “dog-eat-dog” world of political competition, it is necessary, indeed mandatory, to gain in-depth knowledge and experience of the political dynamics from bottom to top, not from top to bottom. Specifically, King George Weah:

1. Sold his “Political Soul” to the political Devil-in-Chief, Mr. Charles Taylor, who is now in prison for 50 years for Political Crimes Against Humanity. Apparently, King George Weah does not know Mr. Taylor, the anti-social revolutionary, but flamboyant center-stage seeker and “play-boy” political actor whose inordinate greed for power and money took him from here, Liberia, to Sierra Leone for the diamonds, to the International Criminal Court and you know the rest – to prison.

2. Surrounds himself by graduates of the civil war – child soldiers, and elements that looted, destroyed, killed indiscriminately and some human rights violators, now the major source of high crimes and disobedience of law. King George Weah has already announced that there will be no human right court in Liberia during CDC administration.

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3. One of Mr. Weah’s major problems is that he knows not those who are his friends or enemies. Although he lost twice to EJS, but he is now playing ball with her, and the sly-fox manipulator is now bank-rolling him in return for protection from prosecution for alleged war crimes. Meanwhile, Mr. Charles Taylor’s ex-wife snoozed him to become his Vice Standard Bearer while, also, she is in touch with US officials for release of Mr. Taylor. George Weah may not be around, politically, when Taylor comes home, takes command and becomes the Vice’s husband, again!!

4. Weah is now Prince Johnson’s endorsed candidate for President of Liberia. He (PYJ) took Weah to the politically-famous Nigerian Pastor in Lagos a few days ago for Devine endorsement/intervention. But PYJ is pictured below brandishing an AK-47 surrounded by heavily-armed fighters with the statement that “Liberia will back to war if Weah becomes President”.

5. Then there are thousands of the usual sycophants who are or want to cash in on Weah’ popularity. Some know about Mr. Weah’s political short-comings, that “he does not have it”, but are willing to go along for the ride, and benefits.

And finally, King George Weah’s soccer popularity is not transferrable to political popularity without the required executive political management training and experience, which he does not possess, nor any of his Rebel Aides.

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