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Big Laugh for Lonestar Subscribers

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LoneStar Communications Corporation has again transformed the social standard and economic life of another Liberian subscriber with the company. This time, the life of 49-years old Ms. Arena Pailey, an unemployed was the proud winner of the company’s new brand Aveo Chevrolet vehicle approximately valued at US$16, 000 over the weekend.

Ms. Arina Pailey was at home when she received a phone call from LoneStar Cell through one of its agents that she has won a car. From the initial stage, she refused to cooperate with the company’s agent, but after a heated exchange on the phone, she eventually handover the phone to her neighbor Teta Manney who convinced Arina after talking with the Lonestar Cell agent.

There were other subscribers who also went home with smiles on their faces with various prizes from the same draw over the weekend. The prizes ranged from a Baja Motor Bike, tiger generator, Lion Head Stereo tape, 21’ color television, mobile phones and free air times, amongst others.

Speaking later, Arina Pailey expressed disbelief that she has become a proud winner of a modern vehicle from LoneStar. She described the call from Lonestar office pronouncing her a winner of such car as high joke from hell.  Arina got convinced when she and her neighbor Teta tuned to a local radio station that airing the program lives.

She told the company agent that she is an unemployed who sits home to take care of her grand children.

” If it is true that I won a car as you said, then my live has changed and moved from one place to another level. I think I believe it na, I just listened to it on Hot FM, thank God for Lonestar,” she said on the phone.

Amongst the winners were others who won round trip first class tickets to Ghana. While in Ghana, the company has promised to log them in a Five-Star Hotel plus free feeding and US$500.00 cash.

One of the winners in this category only identify as Yatta, a resident of the Firestone Community in Margibi County, expressed serious interest in the trip and thanked the  Lonestar management for initiating the draw.

Meanwhile, an official of Lonestar communication Lorenzo Harmon, said the company is delighted to share with subscribers profits accrued in the market, vowing to conduct more raffle draws for its many subscribers. Lonestar Cell has spent over US$ 128000 on vehicles alone since it introduced the draw giving away 8 cars so far.

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