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Big syndicate at Ganta-Guinea border

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The Ganta-Guinea border in District One, Nimbia County has now become a major smuggling point for gas from Liberia to Guinea right before the watch of senior commerce officials in the county.

The Government of Liberia has regulation in place that bans essential commodities such as rice, gas and cement, among others from leaving the country.

This paper gathers that more than 13 dumps of gas with over 5,000 bags of rice and cement smuggled thru the Ganta border into Guinea daily.

When contacted, the commence inspector for Nimba, Nelson Korquoi, confirmed such goods leave Liberia for Guinea, but clarifies not in such huge consignment. Instead, he says they are for personal use, not for commercial purpose.

Meanwhile, Inspector Korquoi threatens to shut down business houses involved in arbitrary increase of pump of price a gallon of gas from 620 to 700 LDR.He warns that such business practice violates the law of the country.

By Thomas Domah /Nimbia–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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