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Bike accident leaves 2 dead

-One in critical condition

Commercial motorcyclists in Pleebo City, Maryland County are demanding speedy investigation into a tragic accident, resulting to the death of two persons instantly, including a rider and another victim currently in critical condition at the J.J. DossenReferral Hospital in Harper City.Angry motorcyclists threw stones early Sunday morning in demand of speedy investigation.

The victims include 17-year-old Susannah Gbwah, and Martin Toe, Jr., 26, who both died instantly in the accident and Beatrice Bohlen, 25, currently admitted at the J.J. Dossen Hospital.

The accident occurred on Saturday, August 1, 2020 at about 11:00mp when the bike on which they were riding, ran into a truck parked by the road side near a cold storage.

Eyewitnesses narrated to the New Dawn that the late Martin Toe, Jr. and the two others were riding on a TVS Star motorbike from the Pleebo main parking station heading to the City Hall with heavy speedy, and collided with the parked truck near a cold storage operated by a fishing company.

They detailed that the bike rider was on speed, using one hand to operate the bike while the other hand was serving as a shield to prevent rain from flashing in his face when he ran into the parked truck. All three victims are said to hail from Karluway, Electoral District#3, Maryland County.

The site of the accident had reportedly suffered several incidents in the past that led to death and injuries of several persons due to narrowness of the road.

According to the angry motorcyclists, several calls had been placed to the city authority in the past to advice truck drivers to avoid packing cars in such location but the authorities allegedly continue to pay deaf ears.

“See what the deaf ears being paid by the authorities of this city has caused us, this place is not a parking station for cars because the place is very small; it is even difficult for two big cars to pass by each other here, so why have they decided to park car here?” the cyclists asked in frustration. The district coordinator for the motorcyclists union, Edin Papa Sieh Wilson lamented that motorcyclists are usually victimized in the county.

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He claimed that on a daily basis, the Pleebo City Corporation is in the constant habit of penalizing bike riders whenever they parked along the road, but ignore vehicles that park there, something, he described as unfair.
Wilson said though they are civil in their engagements, the Police, local authorities and the government should speed up investigation.

However, addressing the angry cyclists, Maryland County Youth President, Thomas Kumah said the tragic death of the two young people is regrettable, but it is not prudent that they should take the case in their own hands. Thomas also joined the cyclists in calling for speedy investigation into the accident.

Meanwhile, operators of the coal storage where the truck was parked that led to the accident have promised to bury the two victims, while investigation is ongoing.

By Patrick Mensah, Maryland–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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