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Bike theft at Diana Restaurant

-Security in trouble

Trouble has befallen upon a private security guard after his visiting friend allegedly fled with a motorbike belonging to a local restaurant where he was assigned.

The security officer identified as Harrison Kuon was arrested by Police in Monrovia last September on multiple charges of criminal facilitation and criminal conspiracy following complaint filed by Diana Restaurant between Carey and Center Street in Monrovia.

A police charge sheet claims that the accused admitted to investigation that the alleged motorbike thieve was his friend, who had gone at the Diana Restaurant to sell a mobile phone to him at a cost of US$30.00.

Police say the stolen motorbike valued US$1,200 was taken away by the escapee, having managed to have disconnected its switch at a time the accused private security guard said he was not paying attention.

The accused had allegedly told police that prior to the incident, he reported to work at Diana Restaurant at 5:45pm and took post at 6pm from the first shift with all properties intact after inventory.

He allegedly explained that while on duty at 9:30pm, his friend (unidentified) that usually paid him visits at the post came that night with a cell phone to sell.

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Defendant Kuon said he took the phone to one of his colleagues who was on duty along with him to see the phone; and that while in the process, the escapee allegedly managed to disconnect the motorbike’s switch.

The defendant claimed that the escapee waited until he (defenant0 returned and placed the phone in his (escapee’s) hand. It was after the escapee received the phone that the defendant claimed he fled with the motorbike.

His colleague Daniel Davis, who shared the night shift with him, also told investigators that while he and Kuon were looking at the phone, the escapee managed to disconnect the motorbike switch.

Witness Davis said after the phone seller received the phone from defendant Kuon, he immediately got on the bike and drove away with heavy speed.

By Winston W. Parley

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