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Bility Breaks New Ground

Things are falling into place for the Musa Bility campaign with signs pointing to the fact that he is a man to watch in the FIFA Presidential race, come February 2016.

Nordic countries including Sweden, Denmark, Farore Island, Iceland, Finland and Norway have invited the Liberia Football Association President to Copenhagen on 23rd November.

On behalf of the Nordic countries the President of the Danish Football Association Jesper Moller personally signed the invite to hear from Musa Bility.

The letter dated November 2nd reads: “first let me congratulate you on your candidature for the FIFA presidency. It is going to be some interesting months up to the election in February 2016, hopefully with a strong focus on how we can improve the world football, improved governance and transparency.”

The interest of Nordic countries as contained in this letter is in sync with the Bility mantra for a new order in the affairs of FIFA after the waning Sepp Blatter hegemony. According to the Danish FA President Jesper Moller: “we would like to invite you to our meeting in order to present our electoral platform and for us to question you about your ambitions, visions and ideas for the future of the FIFA.”

Source close the Team Bility campaign have stated their preparedness to honor the offer in the confidence that Bility will be in the position to make strong impression on the host countries to eventually support his bid based on the quality of message and track record.”

Bility had in press conference in Monrovia recently stated his desire to ensure that FIFA is no longer a savings bank for self serving officials but if elected promised to share the federation’s resources on an egalitarian basis that would ensure that weaker FAs are empowered to be at par.-Press release

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