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Bility Detests Local Fans’ Behavior

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The President of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) Musa Bility has described fans here as very rude.  Speaking at the LFA monthly news conference last Thursday, Bility lamented that fans in Liberia are the number one enemies of the game. He vented his frustration about the behavior of football supporters during local and international games in the country.

“They are the ones, who want overnight result and when they don’t get it, they start cursing our ma and our pa, all in the name of football. They are the same people that will be clapping when footballers are not producing any result, coming out of the field with their trousers half -way; they are the same people that will be behind them cheering them, cheering them for what you and I don’t know”, the LFA President said in apparent frustration.

His comments are in reaction to the incident that occurred during the BYC and Watanga FC  2-2 draw at the Blue Field on Wednesday, when spectators ran on the playing pitch each time a goal was scored, while threatening match officials when a whistle has gone against their team. The LFA President, who was on the field, said the behavior of spectators has become a societal impediment, which he warned, must be dealt with nationally.

“It’s just sad; this country is getting rude and unbecoming; if we don’t change it, we will not stop it. What I saw yesterday was very dangerous; if they continued like that, we will stop playing at the field”, he threatened. He said the LFA can’t enclose the field because FIFA has warned that all football stadiums should be accessible every means.

“We need to live up to the FIFA rules, assuming that every human has civilization on them so they put limitation on us. For instance, they said we cannot enclose the field or put a line or fence that people can’t jump over, because they just assumed that when you come and see a line of demarcation even when it is just a line, you will not jump over it, and in a civilized world that’s exactly what happens, but that is not the case with us here; the fans are the number one enemies to football.”

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