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Bility’s FIFA Bid and His Capacity for the Task

Many Liberians took it for joke and it sounded very comical to many, including me. When Musa Bility announced his bid for the FIFA presidency, I begun to ponder how does it feel for a man hailing from a country that many consider as Insignificant on the football map make it to the top of FIFA.

I have seen the writings in the papers and the critical voices on the Radios doubting if he ( Bility) could be a serious ma; at times, I want to join the debate, but every time my fingers are placed on my computer keys, different thoughts emerged, but when he finally announced that his nomination to the FIFA presidency had been accepted, I then though to join the debate.

I Have disagreed with him (Bility) on so many political lines and I was one of the frank critics who spoke and called for his immediate prosecution in the last alleged corruption allegation brought against him by the government when he was indicted along with fugitive Ellen Cockrum, but he was finally acquitted by the court.

Before his ascendency at the Liberian Football Association, LFA and even after his election, Critics accused of him of incompetence and that his inability to lead the football house could have a disastrous end, but amid the demoralizing economic challenge facing the football house, Bility and his team have made some great progress one may say. Though I still differ with Bility on the political front, but FROM WHENCE I SEE IT, I think his desire to contest the FIFA presidency should be welcomed by all well meaning Liberians.

I am not a voter at the FIFA election, neither are many or all of his critics in Liberia, but the most patriotic thing to do for this astute businessman is giving him your support through motivation.
For the last 12 years that I have heard the name Bility, he has never been my friend and he doesn’t even know me if he saw me in the street because I have never admire is political connections and linkages, but my support through writing here stance from the face of patriotism and pure Liberianess. There is only one Liberian in the race; I think we need to speak positively of him. I understand your argument that the aspirant has performed drearily at the football house, but are you taking into consideration the budget constraints that have rocked and still rocking the football house, have you any idea as to what is in the national budget for support to the well admire game?
But I think, Musa stands a better chance now that he has received a nomination from five countries which speaks of trust in his ability thus craving for Liberian support. Five million USD he said is needed to win him victory. This is not a political contestation, so he got my support in a big way even though my pocket is not deep to contribute to his campaign budget.

Many critics may not know that Africa has the largest voting bloc in the FIFA elections and what qualifies a contestant to be voted for is to get a nomination from five of the 209 of the FIFA members association. As people keep criticizing, Bility keeps moving on, and he stands a very good chance to be placed on the Ballot because he has received at least five nominations which has placed him in a better position.
Musa is the second candidate to emerge since Sepp Blatter announced on June 2 , 2015- four days after being re-elected to a fifth term – that he would step down amid the corruption scandal rocking FIFA.

What makes my support base even bigger for Bility is that he would be the first African candidate for FIFA’s President since CAF President Issa Hayatou lost to Blatter in 2002.
FROM WHENCE I SEE IT, his endorsement by these FIFA associations makes him formidable, but the most difficult task ahead is funding for such world class campaign, five million dollars as he has announced is a huge money and it takes sweat and blood to raise. He could also stand a better chance if has a very strong comradely relationship with his colleagues and the voters. What makes me feel Bility is more of a man in African football is this interview BBC conducted with him when he announced his candidacy as quoted below:

“If Africa does not put up a candidate, it says a lot about us. It shows a sense of mediocrity, and that our only relevance is to vote and make leaders. I think that is not right.” True to his words our ability to always strive positively to be at the top to lead matters than always been a participant.

But FROM WHENCE I SEE IT, with the issue of funding to his campaign, Bility’s pocket should even be deeper by now being a successful business man for all these years and running one of the biggest petroleum companies as an importer. His earnings from the government for the last ten years he has served in other high positions place him in an upright financial position.

Bility stands a good chance, and what we can do now as Liberians is to lend him our support knowing that this is not a political race. If he ascends to the top football post, football will have a new meaning in Liberia giving the enthusiasm Liberians have attached to the game in recent time. With this, I salute Dr. Amos C Sawyer for been one of the first prominent Liberians to endorse Bility, this is true Patriotism, writes Jallah Grayfield, Vice President/Press Union of Liberia

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