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Boakai has no match

A Liberian political commentator Mr. Gbai M. Gbala is claiming that no other [aspirant] for President of Liberia possesses the qualification as sitting – vice president Joseph Nyumah Boakai, Sr, and has endorsed the ruling Unity party or UP standard bearer’s presidential bid for the October elections.

“Reasonably, in terms of training, varied work experience (particularly in agricultural management, University of Liberia, the primary need for Liberia which had been, and is, unable to feed itself), age (the source of wisdom) and exposure to and successful performance in local, national and international affairs, no other candidate for President of Liberia possesses the qualification as Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, Sr.” Mr. Gbala a former official in the administration of slain President Samuel Doe says.

Both VP Boakai and Mr. Gbala served under slain President Doe before his gruesome murder by Nimba County Senator Prince Johnson’s erstwhile Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia or INPFL.

While endorsing Amb. Boakai, Mr. Gbala comes out against officials of the government in which his choice is second – in – command, claiming that although officials are generously compensated, yet they are allegedly involved in a cesspool of lies, deceit, bribery, thievery, public dishonesty or “rampant Corruption” and now roaring and galloping.

He cited some of their compensation as including generous allowances for transport, housing, insurance, electric power generators with fuel and service, and domestic and foreign travel.

In an effort to persuade Liberians on Boakai’s experience, Mr. Gbala recalls how the Vice President rose through the ranks of public service from Managing Director of Liberia Produce Marketing Corporation or LPMC’s Lofa County Branch to Deputy Minister of Agriculture and later becoming Minister of Agriculture.

Further, he says Boakai rose to various and notable strategic public service positions that include his current position as elected Vice President of the Republic of Liberia “for twelve professional, patriotic, successful years”.

In a long endorsement statement released in Monrovia, Mr. Gbala argued that it is reasonably appropriate and relevant to remind young and old Liberians that wisdom equals sound training and varied work experience
and age.

He said wisdom is taught at no school, college or university, even though he sees the ruling Unity Party or UP standard bearer Boakai as an aspirant who possesses all of the characteristics mentioned.

He has suggested that in the 2017 elections, Liberia is anxiously engaged to elect a honest, loyal, patriotic and competent citizen as the nation’s Chief Executive Officer to lead, encourage and support professionalism in the management of the nation’s micro and macroeconomic policies.

Mr. Gbala says if given the chance to serve, VP Boakai will ensure effective, modern roads and highways are constructed, dedication to professional management of the nation’s rapid population growth, rural-to-urban migration, over-population and increasing congestion of the nation’s Capital Monrovia which comes with increasing demand for city services like urban transport, paved streets and roads.

He says issues of traffic jam, sanitation, electricity, safe drinking water and sewer, “that are not available”, will be addressed.

“Now, in the light of our nation’s system of competitive, comparative and pluralistic political process under law, and our obligations/responsibilities not only of Citizens, but also, of Senior Citizens, Elder statesmen and enlightened, eternal, political Animals impel and give us great pleasure not only to endorse, but also, to
recommend His Excellency, Joseph Nyumah Boakai, Sr … for President of the Republic of Liberia”, Mr. Gbala says. – NewDawn

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