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Boakai no different from Sirleaf

Boakai no different from SirleafJust days after accepting a petition to contest the 2017 Presidential election on the incumbent ticket, Vice President Joseph N. Boakai’s ability to lead a regime that will bring about the much anticipated economic reforms and developments here has been questioned.

One of the latest group to question Boakai’s leadership ability is the opposition People’s Unification Party or PUP. PUP says Boakai, will make no difference when he ascends to the highest office.

PUP chairman Isobe Gbokorkollie, who has described the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf led government as a failed one said Boakai’s ascension to the presidency will not change anything. He told a local radio talk show Monday.

Vice President Boakai, while touring his native Lofa County accepted petitions from his kinsmen requesting him to contest the already crowded 2017 presidential field.

With his party, the ruling Unity Party being adjudged as failed and dismantled political entity, many have raised concerns that his chances of being elected are very slim. This, they say is due to the fact the chances of him being elected depends on the achievement records of this present administration.

However, at the ceremony in his home county, Boakai, who has served 10 years in office as Vice President said if given the chance, his administration will prioritize job creation, and Liberians will return to the soil as means of feeding themselves.

Jobs creation has been one of the promises of this current administration and it is yet to achieve this feat over 10 years and counting.

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He said good will come out of evil and that after 14 years of carnage, Liberians need to heal deep seated wounds, reintegrate everyone back into society, reunify the country, and make it whole again.

His statement tend to suggest that despite the much trumpeted reconciliation being preach by this regime under which he is privileged to serve as vice President has been lip service and that only he can make the difference- something he has not done for the past 10 years.

Vice President Boakai has remained very quiet for the most part of the 10 years of his vice presidency.

Not disappointingly, the PUP Chairman said his party is better poised to lead the country. He said PUP’s focus is to strengthen the education sector of the country, which President Sirleaf has described as “a mess”. By Ethel A. Tweh – Edited by Jonathan Browne and Othello B. Garblah

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