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Boakai questions Weah’s upbringing

-“That’s the way he was brought up”

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Liberia’s former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai (the Gentle Giant) has taken a swap at President George Weah questioning his upbringing a day after he insinuated that the former Vice President was ungrateful.

“Just yesterday, the leadership of this country took it to say all kinds of things about us. You see the Bible says train up a child in a way that he should go and that when he grows, he cannot depart. That’s the way he was brought up and those are the things he was trained to do. But thank God we have children who are brought up in a different way,” Mr. Boakai said without any reference to Weah at a children’s program over the weekend.

Mr. Weah in response to a question in a live interview Friday December 20, 2019 said he was shocked to hear that the former Vice President had accused him of being a wicked person when he paid his (Boakai) medical bills and help him to undergo a heart surgery. Mr. Weah went on further to ask the interviewer to choose between him and Boakai to state who is wicked than the other.

“Boakai can never say that George Weah is a wicked man to him. Bokaispent 12 years of his life as Vice President. He got sick almost died. He didn’t have any support, the only person that came to his aid was George Weah. How can a George Weah be wicked to a Boakai?” Mr. Weah quizzed rhetorically.

His response to the question about the former Vice President has stir a storm in a country already highly divided on political lines as a result of the prevailing social and economic situation.

As if his scolding was not enough, Mr. Boakai went on further with a proverb. “We have a saying that you cannot burn down your house for a mosquito because the mosquito will go and the house will be burned. This country has to be preserved.”

It is not readily clear what Mr. Boakai meant, but many has viewed this as a clear cut message to the Council of Patriots who have planned to commence a protest on December 30, 2019 demanding that president Weah steps down.

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