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Boakai support swells

-As UP USA endorses his candidacy

With just few hours to kick-off the ruling Unity Party or UP convention in the Central Liberian town of Gbarnga, support for the sole candidate for the party’s flag-bearership, Vice President Joseph N. Boakai continues to soar.


The latest endorsement comes from the party’s largest concentrated diaspora based in the United States, overwhelmingly declaring their support for Vice President Boakai, as the man to lead the UP for its straight third-term quest in 2017.

In a solidarity statement addressed to the officials of the convention, captioned- Our Future is Bigger and Brighter; members of the UP in the U.S said “We want to assure you that we, Unity Party in America, unanimously support Joseph Nyuma Boakai as our Party Standard Bearer for the October 2017 elections.

While regretting that they are unable to send a delegation due to schedule conflict, the party stewards said they “intend to make a strong physical showing in the campaign with our Standard Bearer, Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai. “…, we will mobilize every resource at our command, material and otherwise to ensure his victory. We will campaign with you from county to county knocking on every door to ensure that Joseph Nyuma Boakai becomes the 25th President of Liberia.”

The UP U.S.A members said they are more committed than ever before, and convinced that their collective gains as a party in power will be secured in the hands of Vice president Boakai. “…, our country will be made bigger, safer and inclusive again; our future will be better and brighter than before; and Liberia will remain a place we can proudly call home and a country of asylum for all peace loving people,” they said.

However, the UP partisans admit that after their first term in office, they certainly did not gave Liberians a “paradise state” as was probably expected in some quarters. But argued that no Liberian or international partners will disagree with the success of the Unity Party-led government to stabilize the Liberian economy and increased government revenues during our first-term in office.

“No Liberian or international partner will disagree that we increase government budget from 80 million dollars in year one to over 550 million currently; no Liberian or international partner will disagree that we increased budgetary allocations in critical sectors such as education, health and public infrastructure; no Liberian or international partner will disagree that we paid salary arrears owed civil servants and increased their salaries by 10 percent; no Liberian or international partner will disagree that we worked diligently to meet the requirements of bilateral and multilateral financial institutions to win 4.6 billion in debt relief. Simply put, we resurrected Liberia from a “failed state” to a functioning state once again and inspired hope for the future,” they maintained.

The UP partisans further argued that progress were retarded two years after they were handed down their second term mandate as a result of the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak. They said notwithstanding their challenges, there is one thing that Unity Party knows best: “We know how to SHINE; we shine even when there is no sun to give us radiance” The party stewards said in spite of the challenges accompanied by the EVD outbreak, the UP led government was able to restore hope by quickly mobilizing development assistance and financing of the rehabilitation of the Mount Coffee Hydro Plant, which was destroyed during the civil war.

“Fellow partisans, in view of the aforementioned, Unity Party in the USA, believes that even in diversity, there must be unity and compatibility amongst us. Because, our future is even bigger and brighter as it extends well beyond basic services such as roads, water and electricity services for our people. As we cast our votes at this Convention for a new Standard Bearer, Vice-Standard Bearer and other party leaders, we do so not with a small vision that encourages complacency in small public gains. But we cast our votes today with a new vision, to borrow the words of Vice President Boakai, a vision to “Think Liberia, Love Liberia, Build Liberia”.

By Othello B. Garblah

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