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Boakai’s prophecy: ‘God will punish CDC government’

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Former Vice President Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai says God will punish the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government and its officials for wastefully, uselessly and recklessly spending the country’s money.

“The God we serve, every money that you waste that [is] supposed to benefit the people of Liberia to ensure that opportunities, projects and programs are instituted to benefit our people, are squandered, God will punish you for it,” Amb. Boakai said at the weekend.

Officially launching the Montserrado County District 13 Drug Awareness & Resistance Education (DARE) Movement on the New Georgia Nigerian Shop Football Field, Mr. Boakai accused the government of squandering the opportunities of the states that should be used to benefit its citizens by creating jobs and opportunities across the country.

According to the standard – bearer of the former ruling Unity Party (UP), every money that the CDC government is allegedly looting from the state and its people to enrich officials of government will be replaced and they will be punished by the same God whom they always claimed has brought them to power.

Mr. Boakai is seeking the presidency in the 2023 elections after his first attempt in 2017 failed in a race with incumbent President George Manneh Weah.

“God says I put you there for some reasons and if you do not do it, I will hold you responsible. Sometimes, we just take it for play,” Mr. Boakai said.

In Liberia, he said, the government does not plan for generation as others countries do. 

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“Let me make this clear that every child is important. The Liberian people are tired of promises and they have resolved to change the narrative of the country,” Amb Boakai noted.

Commenting on drugs addiction and substance abuse in the country, Amb. Boakai said people who sell drugs to children and make money out of drugs are criminals and it’s time to enforce the law that the Legislature passed, making drugs distribution and sale non-bailable.

The former Vice President indicated that he wants to make sure that people who think the only way to get money is to sell drugs are put out of business, saying if elected president, his administration will not just make laws, but will enforce laws.

The District 13 Drug Awareness & Resistance Education program was hosted by representative aspirant Mrs. Kruah-Togba.

According to Amb. Boakai, Liberia has good laws, but they are just on paper. He said the enforcement component of laws here is always difficult, thereby recommending that some actions be taken to make a difference because the youthful population is gradually losing its potential.

Boakai suggested that Liberia’s drugs and trafficking law should be given attention because there are big people that are making money out of the sale of drugs in the country and its blood money.

“These children are Liberia’s pride and future because they are products of the country. If we will rehabilitate our youthful population, it’s good but we have to leave them with something to start life, and its skills,” said Mr. Boakai.

“This is very serious and all those disadvantaged youths are having potential and talents that the country needs. We just need to help them to achieve,” he continued.

He said he is excited to form part of the initiative, assuring that he will make sure that this is achievable. 

“We will make sure that under the UP next government, our youth are protected and all those engaged in the importation of drugs across the country have no place for such harmful attitudes,” Amb. Boakai assured.

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