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Board expresses confidence in JFK Management

The newly appointed Board of Directors of the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Monrovia has expressed confidence in the ability of the current JFK Management Team headed by Chief Administrator, Dr. Wvannie Scott- McDonald, to oversee the operations of the center, promising to work with the management team to achieve its mandate.

During recent discussions, the JFK Administration adequately briefed the Board about its current operations, including the recent fraud, ongoing activities and issues constantly appearing in the media about the center.

The Board has set-up three separate committees, namely; Finance, Administration and Human Resource Program and Medical Services, charged with the responsibility to carry out a critical analysis of the JFK operations and provide expert advice to the Board in reforming the center.

Meanwhile, a strategic improvement plan has been developed for the JFK which lays out key activities to be achieved in areas of governance and leadership, infrastructure improvement, human resources, diagnostic services and quality service delivery, respectively.

Besides, a revised Act for the center has been passed by the Liberian Legislature, which serves as a guide for the new board and the JFK Management Team in ensuring that the institution serves as an effective referral and training hospital.

Currently, the JFK Administration is carrying out a number of key activities in the area of health services, particularly eyes care and securing dialysis and basic cancer treatment. Additionally, the administration has also upgraded diagnostic services which include MRI and CT scan.

The JFK Team is also making frantic effort in the recruitment of specialists, and has completed the accreditation of Tubman National Institute of Medical Art or TNIMA. The administration is also carrying out major renovation both internally and externally as part of efforts to improve the infrastructural outlook of the center. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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