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Bomi lacks medical supplies – 28 deaths reported

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Bomi County’s health director, Mr. Gabriel W. Logan, has told President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of the limited medical supplies in the county, and hoped they can get more.

Among other constraints, he said bone health workers are currently faced with during this Ebola response, Mr. Logan complained that the county’s two ambulances that have five-year lifespan, have all broken down. As of Saturday, August 23, he briefed President Sirleaf that a total of about 46 Ebola related cases had been recorded in Bomi County since June, and out of the number, he said 28 persons had died.

Of the 28 deaths so far, Mr. Logan told President Sirleaf that 21 deaths had been confirmed to be Ebola positive after blood samples were taken to the Central Lab. He additionally said since the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic here, five health workers have died in Bomi County alone.

With support from the task force to Bomi and the Central Bank of Liberia, Mr. Logan, however said they hurriedly opened a quarantined center on Monday, August 18 near the Liberian Government Hospital in Tubmanburg. Although he appreciated the government’s effort in combating the epidemic, he however, stressed that the issue of the ambulance was very crucial because they have to pick up patients and dead bodies routinely.

“So we will highly appreciate the issue of ambulance if you can just get it off our head. That we will highly appreciate; there are several other problems, but you know I just decided to flag this because it’s very critical in whatever we do now,” he told the president.

He finally reported that the hospital was back to provide regular medical services, while the Ebola cases are separately being dealt with at the quarantine unit. He said the two patients were being treated during the weekend, and added that one of them was very strong and doing things independently.

Earlier, President Sirleaf met with nurses at the Clay Check Point, rendering voluntary services since early August, and promised to follow up their concerns. The President also told passengers stranded at the Check Point that were heading to Monrovia that they could be allowed to cross if they passed the necessary Ebola screening by nurses and securities, except for those wanting to go to Lofa County that is currently quarantined.

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