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“…Bomi will make you happy come 2023”

-Sen. Snowe tells Weah

Tubmanburg, Bomi County- Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe of Bomi County has told President George Weah on the start of the second leg of the President’s county tour in the Western region that the people of Bomi are ready to make him (Weah) happy in 2023.

Sen. Snowe, who was recently a ranking member of the former ruling Unity Party, which is part of the Collaborating Political Parties assured President Weah during a town hall meeting at the C.H. Dewey High School sports stadium that the people of Bomi are very reliable, suggesting that the President can count on their support for his 2023 reelection bid.

“Mr. President, the people of Bomi County are reliable people. When they give you their word, go and sleep on it. When they say they are for you, they are for you. They don’t play games.” Explained Snowe, a former Montserrado District #6 lawmaker who migrated to Bomi and won both a Representative seat and subsequently a Senatorial seat on December 8, 2020.

Referring to the huge crowd of citizens that have gathered to welcome the President in the county out of excitement and conviction that those numbers could be translated into votes for Mr, Weah come 2023, Snowe noted that it was the true reflection of their feelings and expression of support for the president.

“What you have seen here and what you saw in Dowein District is the true feeling of the Bomi citizens. When they say they are for you, they are for you, just go and sleep. If you make them happy, they will make you happy in 2023,” Snowe emphasized.

However, Snowe was also quick to add that whatever promise President Weah makes to the people of Bomi, he should be able to fulfill them because the people of Bomi will judge him in 2023 by his deeds, not words.

President Weah who kicked off his nationwide tour last month in six counties-Bong, Nimba, Grand Gedeh, River Gee, Maryland and Grand Kru, began the second leg of tour on Monday March 22, in Bomi County expressing his gratitude to the citizens for electing him in office and also telling them thank you for keeping the peace.

Mr. Weah said though the visits have been long overdue due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was necessary at this time to tour the counties to say thank you and listen to the citizens’ concerns as well.

President Weah’s first stop in Bomi was in Jenneh, Dowein District where he was welcome and held town hall meeting with the citizens before moving to Klay, where he also interacted with locals at the Klay Administrative building. By Othello B. Garblah

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