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Bong Authorities Renege on WASH Recommendations

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Despite recommendations for the closure of two of Bong County’s three mineral water companies, authorities in the county continue to be defiant. In an assessment report conducted by the Bong County Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Sector, the Truth Mineral Water and Bong County Yah are to be shut down for posing dangers to public health.

The recommendations further noted that the Truth Mineral water Company currently has its well situated on lowland, near a garbage site just about thirty-seven feet away, adding that the company did not have any method of disinfectant other than filtration, with poor sanitary facilities.

According to the WASH recommendations, the Truth Mineral Water must be guided if it should continue its operations by relocating. The well used by the Bong County Yah Mineral Company is located around an existing grave about ninety seven feet away, while an existing latrine is eighty-four feet away.

The WASH report further said that the Bong County Yah must be shut down until it relocates its facilities to an approved site, and must meet the requisite public health standards, as well as be guided to avoid re-occurrence of poor setting.

There was no recommendation for the Bong Pure Mineral Company, but was advised to change its leaking filter, and allow its workers to undergo medical checkups and certification to properly manage the factory’s water source.

Bong County citizens calling on radio phone-in shows in the county as the WASH report was discussed, maintained that the Bong County Yah and Truth Mineral Water be closed to avoid further damage to public health.

They wondered why the companies would continue to operate since September last year when the recommendations were made to the county authorities. However, county officials and the mineral water companies have refused to speak to the media about this latest report.

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