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Bong: Bitter Rivalry Between Officials

There are increasing tensions between tow officials of Bong County, according to report from the county. The bitter rivalry between Bong County Superintendent Rennie Jackson and Posts & Telecommunications Minister Jeremiah Sulonteh is a result of the quests of the two men for a political position in the county, and who to be favored by the Unity Party for that position come 2010.

Superintendent Jackson has been accusing Minister Sulonteh of inciting the young people of the county against him, as well as instigating actions aimed at his removal from office as Superintendent for the past three months.

In reaction to the Superintendent, Minister Sulonteh told a news conference in Gbarnga last weekend that Jacksom was in the constant habit of lobbying with some Senators to prevent his confirmation when appointed by the President as Minister of Internal Affairs, an apparent admission to the allegations.

The two Bong County officials are desperately desirous of contesting the Junior Senatorial seat for Bong County during the 2010 elections, and have subsequently declared their intentions.

Jackson and Sulonteh, who hail from Zota and Suacoco Districts, have reportedly been engaged in campaigns among citizens of the county, aimed at winning their support to the disadvantage of the other.

What may be worrisome to the two is the fact that the Unity Party will have to select either of them during its primaries as its candidate.

Sulonteh is reported to be succeeding over Rennie Jackson due to the impression given President Ellen Sirleaf and others that it was because of his popularity that Former Presidential Candidate Winston C. Tubman won Bong County in the first round of the 2005 general and Presidential elections, something many citizens continue to reject as very far from the truth.

According to a cross section of Bong County citizens, Cllr. Winston Tubman was actually voted for overwhelmingly as a payback for the good and cordial relationship the late President Tubman established with the people of the county since 1964 to his death, coupled with his numerous achievements, and the popularity of Minister Sulonteh.

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Superintendent Rennie Jackson and Minister Jeremiah Sulonteh, who served as Vice Standard Bearer to Cllr. Tubman, joined the Unity Party from the respective political parties following their appointments in government.

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