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Rural News

Bong Citizens Pass New Development Budget

Citizens of Bong County represented by delegates at the Special Development Council Sitting have passed a development budget of US$2,785,672.30 for the fiscal year 2013/2014. The development budget allotted US$50,000 each to 10 of the 13 districts, while Fuamah, Sanoyea and Salala Districts received US$100,000 each.

The Bong County Development Budget, which will be financed by both the Social and County Development Funds, also set aside US$134,657.47 for scholarships in six universities, including the University of Liberia, AMEU, and AMEZU, among others.

The Special Development Council sitting chaired by Senator Henry Yallah, who was recently elected Chairman of the county’s Legislative Caucus, allotted US$125,000 for the completion of ongoing projects.

Meanwhile, some delegates at the Saturday sitting argued that the US$300, 000, which constitutes part of the China Union financial engagement, targeting Fuamah, Sanoyea and Salala Districts be evenly distributed among the three.

But the decision that was rejected by Fuamah-Sanoyea District Representative, Korpu Barclay, who threatened to seek redress, if the delegates’ decision is not reversed.

However, 74 of the 91 qualified voters, voted in favor of the decision, and resolved to remain resolute that the affected communities or districts will always benefit from the fund. The sitting was then boycotted by Representative Barclay, followed by the Fuamah delegates, while those of Sanoyea and Salala remained to the end of the sitting.

Responding to the decision of the delegates, Bong County Caucus Chairman Yallah thanked the delegates saying, “You have helped us to lay this issue to rest.”

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Bong County annually receives US$500,000 from ArcelorMittal, US$1,750.000 from China Union, US$100,000 from BHP Billiton, US$84,000 from AmLib Liberia, while US$200,000 comes from the Government of Liberia. The expenditure of these amounts is decided at the County’s Special Development Council sitting held each year.-LINA

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