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Bong County: Citizens want Church to revoke Sup Walker’s honor 

By Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong County

Following the honoring of Bong County Superintendent by the Catholic Diocese of Gbarnga as “mother of the year,” several residents of Bong County have taken to social media and local radio stations, condemning the Church’s action for the honoring.

According to some of the citizens, Superintendent Esther Walker doesn’t in any way deserve the honor as mother of the year on grounds that the Superintendent has not played the role of a mother and [should] never be an honoree for such.

The citizens want the Catholic Church to revoke the Superintendent’s honor with immediate effect.

According to them, the Superintendent has had a series of sticky issues that a good mother cannot be involved with.

Among several others, the citizens named a 2021 Police report that declared the Superintendent’s son Philip Bestlow wanted after he allegedly raped a thirteen-year-old girl.

They alleged that the Superintendent did not do anything about the case to ensure the arrest of her son, even though it was not established that the Superintendent knew the well-about of her son.

Furthermore, the citizens mentioned the recent Civil Society Organizations and the General Auditing Commission’s Report that indicated huge mismanagement of the County Development Funds under Superintendent Walker’s administration.

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Superintendent Walker is also on record for describing Ph.D. Holders as “very stupid,” adding that they are responsible for the alleged backwardness of the country.

Madam Walker has not commented on the citizens’ call but extended commendations to the Church for honoring her on Sunday.

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