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Bong County lawmaker taken to task

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Several young people of Wainsue Town in Jorquelleh District #3 in Bong County have expressed frustration and disappointment in their Lawmaker for neglecting them since the inception of the current health crisis in the country. According to them, Representative George Sylvester Mulbah has miserably failed District #3 he represents at the Legislature since the 2011 Legislative election.

According to Prince Kamara Tokpa, Jesse Joe and Jonathan Bayo- leaders of the youths of Weinsue in Jorquelleh District #3, Representative Mulbah has only concentrated on Gbarnga, refusing to keep them abreast of developments at the Legislature in the interest of the district’s citizens.

The three, who spoke to our Bong County correspondent Wednesday, described the manner in which their Lawmaker continues to treat them as complete neglect, most especially when the deadly Ebola disease was on the rampage destroying lives.

Tokpa, Joe and Bayo said in other Districts, lawmakers continue to identify with their citizens, unlike Representative Mulbah who remains conspicuously absent from that part of Jorquelleh #3. They complained of the lack of hand washing buckets, chlorides and other anti-Ebola items required for the battle against the Ebola Virus.

They accused Representative Mulbah of deliberately turning down a number of invitations on several occasions to address some of the issues confronting citizens of Jorpolu Clan, noting that besides the Lawmaker’s lack of interest in meeting with the people of Jorpolu Clan during the Ebola crisis, then he has failed to initiate development programs such as  safe drinking water, the Clan’s incomplete Resource Center, as well as ensure the full operation of the Community Clinic constructed in Wainsue sometimes ago.

They said citizens are constrained to transport ailing family members from Wainsue and other towns in the Clan to health facilities in Gbarnga and Phebe as the result of the closure of the Clinic, adding that most times, pregnant women are transported in hammers to seek medical attention in Jorquelleh District #2 and Suakoko District because of the inability of Representative Mulbah to enforce the full operation of the Clinic in Wainsue.

The lawmaker has since refused to comment on the citizens’ claims. Representative Mulbah, who still owes his constituents the 2011 campaign promises, continues to receive lashes for his inability to deliver such promises.

At a political debate in Gnarnga in 2011, Representative George Mulbah promised to restore pipe borne water to Gbarnga, install a television station, as well as ensure the pavement of the streets in Gbarnga in his first one hundred days in office, but none of such promises have commenced since his induction in January 2012 as Representative of Jorquelleh District #3 in Bong County.

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