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Bong County Politics and Impact on It Development – Part II

Politics in Bong County since 1964 was initially directed actually at the acquisition of political power. Such politics was characterized by lies and undermining among actors at the time.

The situations between Doloken Gboveh (the man who the public high school in Gbarnga is named after) and Old man Kpatmgba over the position of Paramount, as well as former Superintendent James Y. Gbarbea and the late Kokoyah et al are exact examples of the foregoing. Kparngba had to lie to President Tubman while he and Gboveh were in Monrovia in the mid-sixties to become Paramount Chief, while Kokoyah and a few others conspired against Superintendent Gbargbea just for him (Kokoyah) to succeed him.

That was the nature of Bong County politics, while development was, at the same time, taking place. But for now, especially so when there is power in the hands of the young  and middle age men and women, it is not only about lies, deceit and undermining, but the complete lack of sincerity and commitment to the development of Bong County.

The current trends of events, as they relate to the political behavior of most our county leaders, especially Legislature continue to sink the county into quick-sand. This goes to say that they (especially the leadership of the Caucus) misinterpret the Legislative powers of “law-making, representation and oversight” to the disadvantage and ignorance of the main authorities of the county to hijack progress for development.

Exercising “oversight” for most of the Bong County Lawmakers meaning determining how the county’s social Development Fund should be used, in terms of budgeting and expenditure-something which has never happened in the history of the county.

For example, the purchase of two pieces of “used yellow machines at the cost of US$600,000.00 through the influence of the Chairman of the Caucus; the hijacking of the scholarship funds, again, through his influence and those of a few other lawmakers; as well as the lack of progress on the construction of the Gboveh Community College after more than 80% of the total cost of the entire project has already been paid to the contractors-the China-Liberia Construction Company (or whatever you may call it) are just examples of how Bong County politics continue to negatively impact our county’s progress in terms of development.

We may have partly succeeded at certain level of development in Gbarnga City when the county hosted the Independence Anniversary celebrations at the mercy of God, first, and then President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf frequently visited the city to ensure that her administration was not disgraced before her international guests by scrupulously supervising the implementation of projects earmarked for the celebrations.

Since then, the Chairman of the Caucus continues to manipulate the minds of a few others, especially those we regarded as “agents of positive change” to suffocate the development of the county.

Unfortunately, when a Senior Senator of Bong County chooses to publicly threaten subsidy cut for Cuttington University in Suacoco, County only because of  the fear that its President, Dr. Henriique F. Tokpa may be challenging her for the senatorial seat in 2014, the beats the imagination of any well-meaning citizen of Bong.

When Dr. Tokpa has not officially made known his political ambition to the University’s Board of Trustees and people of Bong County, while must someone who so dearly loves the county choose to use Cuttington as a scape-goat? If an incumbent Senior Senator says to the people of Bong County that she would lobby with her colleagues to either stop or minimize funding to Cuttington, it is very obvious for any sound Bong County citizen to conclude on the complete lack of interest in the development of the human resources of the county- and that’s it.

O am of the strongest conviction that had Senator jewel Joward-Taylor done her political assignment for the past eight years in the county, there would have been no cause cry wolf or engagement in such negative activities against Cuttington University, being cognizant of the meaningful contributions the University has and continue to make not only to Bong County, but the Republic of Liberia at large. WATCH OUT FOR PART III   By George K. Barpeen, Jr., a citizen of Bong County.

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