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Bong County Politics and Its Negative Impact on Development – Pt. III

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Many had thought that with the new breed of leaders in Bong County, there would have been a break from the past characterized by the negative vices which saw county officials at each other’s throat. Unfortunately, not only is the ugly past continuing, but also threading a dangerous path, so much so that the county is almost being held hostage as far as development for progress is concerned. Characterizing the foregoing is the “conflict” being intentionally instigated and fueled by a few county officials, resulting to the current division among Bong County citizens.

While it may not be in the best interest of good intellectualism to engage in generalization as it relates to the county officials at the core of the problem in the county, it is also rational to establish that the conspicuous silence of other officials, especially Legislative ‘new comers’ on matters of concern may be giving rise to their inclusion. Their failure to resist the administrative and financial mal-practices instigated by some of their colleagues, especially Representative George Mulbha, who has now made himself vulnerable “dishonorable” as Chairman of the Bong Legislative Caucus, may also be an attributing factor of the negative perception harbored by most citizens in and out of the county.

Exhibiting good leadership by characteristics and traits continues to hunt Chairman Muil;bah, whose credibility/integrity now continues to diminish to the disadvantage of some of his friends, family members and well wishers across the county. That is why his attempt, early this year, to announce his bid for the Senate was overwhelmingly opposed by Bong citizens, including some his followers.

Representative George Mulbah’s direct involvement in the management of the County and Social Development Fund, under the guise of having oversight responsibility is a complete mess that has created and continues to create uneasiness and mis-feelings among civil society, youth, and women groups, as well as the student community and intellectual class.  For example, the construction of the Gboveh Community College, which should have been done since 2011 for academic activities, is only delayed because of the embarrassments he and a few others caused the management of the China-Liberia Construction Company due to the ‘kick-backs’ they continuously  demanded (with threats) from its Chinese manager. 85% of the total cost of the project was paid under the influence of Chairman Mulbah to the company, while the project is yet to reach 60%.

Another case in point is the purchase of two pieces of yellow machines (caterpillars). According to Representative Mulbah, who spearheaded the project, the two yellow machines were purchased at the cost of US$600,000.00 through the Monrovia Development Corporation, when the actual cost was less than half of that amount.

The recent inflation of the cost (US$23, 000.00) of a so-called Town Hall in the town of Melekie near Gbarnga by George Mulbah is another negative impact of politics on development in Bong. He had earlier informed the people of Melekie at the time of the ground-breaking for the project that the project would have cost US$6,000.00.

Interestingly, the lawmaker had requested the people of Melekie to provide local building materials such as sand, gravels, clay bricks, as well as local timber as their contribution to the project which he had promised during his political campaign. And of course, the US$23,000.00, Mr. Mulbah claimed to have used to construct the building, was withdrawn from the county’s social development fund. These are, but a few of the rapacious attitudes exhibited under the guise of oversight responsibility, which continue to undermine the development of the county.

Mulbah’s political mischief is another characteristic, which continues to strangulate development. Even though he seems not to care, this has eroded his respect and integrity among the people of Bong County, including some of his colleagues at the Legislature.

His overnight endorsement, on Sunday, of the 2014 Senatorial bid of Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor in the town of Melekie on the outskirts of Gbarnga sent shock waves to many Bongese, owing to his persistent  demonization and arrogant outburst against the Senator since 2006.

His declaration of support for senator Taylor on Sunday was greeted with mix reactions, according to journalists who covered a ceremony organized him for such purpose. Vast majority of his own supporters and other citizens described such decision as an “act of political summersault and misjudgment”. This is the same George Mulbah, a bitter rival of the Senator, who branded her as a “political Expatriate” during the 2012 commencement convocation of the W.V.S. Tubman Gray High School in Gbarnga, urging the people of Bong County not to vote for a character (Mrs. Taylor) whose nativity as a “true” Bong citizen remains questionable.

His remarks at Tubman-Gray High school were followed by a series of publications in his Bong Times Newspaper demonizing the Senator with no sense of remorse. This is the same George Mulbah who somersaulted on Sunday to again support the 2014 Senatorial bid of his bitter rival. This is the same Jewel Howard-Taylor against whom he once launched a smear campaign, through the  provision of US$30.00 each with alcoholic to a few local journalists in Gbarnga, George Kermue Barpeen, Jr., ciitizen of Bong County.

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