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Bong Health Team denies receiving US$50K to open clinic

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Jonah Nulee Tokpah, the Administrator of the Bong County Health Team has denied receiving US$50,000 from Bong County Electoral District #4 Representative Robert Flomo Womba to open the Yowee Clinic.

In a recent meeting with citizens of Yowee, Representative Womba is alleged to have said that he gave US$50,000 to Mr. Jonah Togbah for the opening of the Yowee clinic, but the Health Team has denied the allegation to the strongest term.

Appearing on a local radio station last week, Mr. Togbah who aspires to contesting against Representative Womba in the 2023 elections, termed the statement as unfounded and it’s only intended to derail his hard-earned character.

He has challenged Rep. Womba to provide prove for such allegation, warning the lawmaker to stop playing politics with the lives of the ordinary citizens who stood in the sun and rains to vote him.

However, some critics think Mr. Togbah’s statement against Rep. Womba is meant to seek glory.

After more than 12 years of controversies, the Yowee clinic was due to be opened to the public over the weekend when the politics started playing in the county.

Mr. Togbah said all efforts that are being made for the opening of the Yowee clinic are being buttressed by Bong County Senator Henry Willie Yallah.

According to Mr. Togbah, the renovation works are at 80% completion and all is set for the opening of the clinic.

When contacted, Rep. Womba confirmed his statement, but said he lobbied with his colleagues to place US$50,000 in the budget for the Yowee clinic, not the Bong County Health Team.
According to him, he has always worked to ensure that his citizens have access to the kind of quality health facility they deserve and he has never played politics with health matters as alleged by Mr. Tokpa.

Meanwhile, several citizens of Bong County District #4 have frowned at the Bong County Health Team Administrator for using the Yorwee clinic to seek political glory for Senator Yallah.
They say Mr. Tokpah has always discredited the works of Rep. Womba because he is supporting the Senatorial bid of Yallah.

“He is saying that Hon. Womba is playing politics with health but I think he is the one doing so because he wants the district people to vote for his choice,” one of the residents, Phillip Dumoe told journalists.

He said Mr. Tokpah should not think that his strategy to support Yallah against Womba will work, adding that Mr. Tokpa needs to stay in his health sector and allow the lawmakers to play their politics.

By Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong County–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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