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Bong Lawmakers Oppose Resignation Calls

Four Legislators of Bong County have differed with calls by some Liberians for President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to step down. Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor and Representatives George Mulbah, Prince Moye and Tokpa Mulbah noted that the forceful removal of leaders has not done well for the country, but brought untold suffering and backwardness to Liberia.

According to organizers of the “Ellen Step down Campaign”, President Sirleaf has failed the people of Liberia, with corruption taking a strong hold of her administration.

But the four Bong Lawmakers who are from the Unity Party, National Patriotic Party and Congress for Democratic Change told a gathering in Gbarnga recently that with Liberia being a democratic nation, the removal of a President or any elected official should be done through the ballot box, urging the few disenchanted Liberians behind the campaign to wait for 2017 to vote in whoever they believe will bring ‘heaven to earth’.

Senator Taylor and Representatives Mulbah, Moye and Mulbah are, meanwhile, warning residents of Bong County against endorsing individuals calling for President Sirleaf to step down as she continues to do well in governing the state despite the challenges.

The Bong lawmakers said though those calling for the resignation of Madam Sirleaf were doing so as Liberians protected under the Constitution and guided by the Freedom of Assembly and Expression, their actions were not prudent for a nation that has had a taste of devastation and mayhem.

According to our Bong county correspondent, they were speaking at a youth gathering in the county.

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