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Bong Legislators Relieved

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Two lawmakers of Bong County have expressed relief following the announcement of the preliminary autopsy report by the Government of Liberia.

The report, released by a Pilipino Pathologist, attributed the death of lawmaker Moses Tandapollie to natural causes. Bong County’s Electoral Districts #2 and 5 Representatives Prince Moye and Edward Karfiah said by the making public of the autopsy report, the county’s image have been restored.

According to Karfiah with such announcement, perceptions in the legislature of foul play surrounding his colleague’s death have been rested, expressing gratitude to “God for rescuing Suakoko District where the late Tandapollie attended his last public gathering”. He noted that if the results had proven otherwise, there implications could have been negative on the image of Bong County.

Representative Moye also told a New Dawn-Liberia interview in Gbarnga, Bong County last weekend that the release of the report brought relief to the Legislative Caucus of Bong County owing to the fact that the caucus hosted the late Tandapolee and other Legislators in Bong County for a three day retreat.

“You know we as politicians do not die naturally; people always attribute it to something, even if it is natural,” the Bong County Representative added, furthering that ‘a whole lot has been heard about the death of his late colleague’.

“The old man and I were together during the dinner organized for us by the administration of Cuttington University, and we all happily left, but I only heard very late in the night that he had died,” he noted.

Representative Moye noted that the cardiac arrest report show that anyone could die at any time, maintaining that the autopsy report had actually brought relief and taken away the stigma that was almost developing in certain quarters about county and members of the Bong County Legislative Caucus.

Meanwhile, the two young lawmakers of Bong County have expressed sympathy to the bereaved family, and pray for God’s consolation.

According to them, members of the House of Representatives were ensuring that their colleague be given a befitting burial. Since the death of Representative Moses Tandapolie at the Phebe Hospital in Suakoko, Bong County, many ordinary citizens have been expressing concerns about the cause of his death.

Hon. Tandapolie’s death is still being widely discussed on a number community radio stations in the county.

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