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Bong Lepers colony to be renovated

The Renovation of the housing facilities at the Suakoko Leprosy Camp in Bong County is expected to commence shortly. The Suakoko Leprosy Rehabilitation Center- constructed in 1963 and dedicated in 1964, has not been renovated. 

The buildings are currently in dilapidated conditions. The renovation project is expected to be implemented by Team Work Africa – a Christian charity.

The cost is of the entire project at the camp is US$60, 000.00. Team Work Africa Executive Director Peter Flomo told our Bong County correspondent that his organization will work assiduously to ensure renovation and completion of ten housing units housing at the center.

Pastor Flomo said he will continue to lobby with partners to assist the lepers who appear to be forgotten, admonishing the authorities of Bong County to consider the improvement of the conditions of the lepers as paramount devoid of politics.

Pastor Flomo wondered why would leaders of the county choose to go to bed filled and ride air conditioned vehicles when the lepers do not have any means of daily sustenance and habitable structures.

Team Work Africa, last week, presented food items to the lepers at the Suakoko Leprosy Rehabilitation Center as a way of assisting them after many appeals to the public.

The charity has also concluded major rehabilitation of the only hand pump used by the lepers to for safe drinking water.

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They and their relatives praised Pastor Peter Flomo and his organization for their assistance.

Members of the leper colony, who have continuously appealed to government for the rehabilitation of their housing facilities, but to no avail, noted that upon the completion of their houses, conditions that give rise to diseases and other life-threatening ailments experienced due to leakages would no longer exist. By Papa Morris from Bong County – Edited by George Barpeen

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