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Rural News

Bong Miners, Others Threaten to go on the Rampage

Residents of Bong Mines, Kakata and surrounding areas are threatening to go on the rampage if the central government fails to improve the deplorable conditions of roads linking the two cities.

The locals warned to stop any vehicles hauling scarp-metals from Bong Mines to Monrovia as the only remedy which will force government in finding quick solution to their problem.

According to our reporters who toured Bong Mines, Larkayta Township and other areas, the people have given government ultimatum of September end, if not, they will have no alternative but to prevent scrap vehicles plying the route.

They said this is the only alternative for them to have basic social services restored within their towns and villages.

“Because of the deplorable road condition no motorists want to take the risk of taking the road, thus making transporting produces from farms to markets impossible. This is causing us a hardship”, a woman told AFP.

While elder James Yarkpazuo, 72, told this paper how for years government abandoned the road project. “If this highway is improved, it will generate greater income for government but because there is no Iron Ore here, no one cares.”

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