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Bong musician enters politics

Bong County Prolific Gospel Musician David Grualee has openly declared that he would contest the 2017 general Elections as representative candidate in Bong County electoral District Number One.

Mr. Grualee- regarded across the county as the King of Kpelle Gospel music, told our Bong County correspondent that he was prepared to truly represent the interest of the district, he has already been asked by many stakeholders of the district to contest the district’s seat in the House of Representative with theirfull support.

Grualee claimed that many of the lawmakers they supported had forgotten them, expressing the belief that they needed a true voice at the level of the Legislature for the district.

The musician, who has released a number of soul-inspiring hit songs in the county, said though he did not have the finances for the election, the mighty hands of God for whom he sings shall intervene.

Mr. Grualee’s declaration has finally confirmed speculations about his desire to pursue politics in Bong County.

His recent declaration appears to be creating some uneasiness for incumbent District Number One Representative J. Tokpah Mulbah who may be seeking athird term in office.

Already, rumors are that some prominent Bong County business people who admire the musician are supporting his political ambition.
Callers on community radio programs in and outside the District continue to congratulate David Grualee for his public declaration, pledging support to him in 2017.

Musician Grualee and Representative Tokpah Mulbah are from the same town in the District (Duita), but the former’s support continues to swear.

he told our correspondent that Rep. Mulbah has been send sending emissaries to engage him on disengaging politics for now, claiming that he has been promised a trip to the United States if he changes such political decision and support his third-term bid.

Recently, at a program organized by Bong County Electoral District Number Two Representative Prince Moye- attended by Hon. Tokpah Mulbah and District Number Three Representative George Mulbah, citizens from District Number One in attendance spread lappers, clothes and other materials as the most talk-about Bong musician took the stage to sing. By Papa Morris from Bong County – Edited by George Barpeen

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