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Rural News

Bong Rep. Denied Knowledge of Funds

Bong County Electoral District #1 Representative Tokpa Mulbah has told this paper that he is not aware of the usage of the Amlib-Minerals Company social development funds for any project in the Kokoyah Statutory District. Representative Mulbah said as the lawmaker of the constituency, he is yet to be informed about the handling of said amount.

The Project Management Committee of Bong County confirmed to journalists recently that the $84,000.00 Social Development Fund was being used to erect an administration hall in Botota, Tukpablee District, naming the Community Builders, Incorporated as the contractor undertaking the project.

The PMC’s action to build the town hall resulted from a controversial request signed by six leaders of the three sub-districts, except the Statutory District Superintendent Joseph Weleteh Flomo, who is under suspension for not accounting for sixty thousand United States Dollars given him for the District by Atlantic Resources.

The citizens’ requested the office of the Superintendent to use the money for the project. However, Representative Mulbah said he was never aware of any resolution from the district concerning the expansion of the Amlib fund.

These latest comments from the Electoral District #1 lawmaker buttressed previous arguments that the $84,000.00 project resolution was done without the consent of the majority, least to mention the lawmaker, who represents the district at the Liberrian Legislature.

Many, notably Jesse Cole of FIND and Youth advocate Alex Flomo, have criticized Superintendent Selena Polson-Mappy of being the mastermind behind the illegal usage of the fund in Kokoyah, asking the Superintendent to halt the project and wait for the pending county sitting to have the money properly going through the resolution.

Bong County Teachers Urged to Remain Calm

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With the expiration of the two week-ultimatum (last Friday) given the Ministry of Education by aggrieved teachers of the Bong County School System, a leader of the group has expressed anger at the Ministry for its failure to address their plight.

Speaking to our correspondent via mobile phone from Monrovia, Gogbehn Odysseus Dekpeh- the National Chairman of the Movement of Aggrieved Teachers said the Ministry of Education has not made any progress in addressing their grievances. The teachers- most of whom are not on government’s payroll, are demanding the unconditional reinstatement of all teachers, as well as better working conditions, among others.

Weeks back, they initiated an indefinite go-slow action, but was cut short when the Ministry of Education intervened, promising improved negotiations. Mr. Dekpeh said all efforts to resolve the crisis have proven fruitless, accusing President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of not showing any strength to solve their problems.

The National Chairman of the Aggrieved Teachers admonished the Liberian leader to redouble her strength in running the Ministry of Education, describing the current Minister Etmonia David Tarpeh as incompetent and unable to run the country’s educational programs.

He urged teachers to remain calm even though their ultimatum to government has expired,warning that if the Liberian government failed to place on payroll half of the aggrieved teachers, they would resume their go-slow or strike action very soon.

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