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Bong Rep. Leads Anti-Ebola Campaign

The former Deputy Speaker of the 53rd Legislature and Representative of Electoral District #1 has ended a day Ebola awareness meeting with stakeholders of the district. The Ebola awareness campaign- held at the Nyanquoi Bee Auditorium in Palala, Kpaai District, brought together chiefs, marketers, elders, youths and women leaders to share knowledge on how to prevent the spread of the deadly Ebola virus in their respective communities.

Representative J. Tokpa Mulbah, in his message, urged citizens of the district to regularly wash their hands, avoid contact with people showing signs of the virus, as well as avoid eating bush meat so that they will not contract the virus that has engulfed a huge portion of the country. The Former Deputy Speaker called on chiefs and youth leaders to lead the Ebola campaign in the surrounding towns and villages.

The lawmaker presented several dozens of chloride, soap, as well as 20 thousand Liberian Dollars, among other materials to the District for the awareness campaign. Independent Senatorial Candidate Dr. Henrique Flomo Tokp, also in attendance of the day’s event, admonished community leaders not to take the virus as a myth, but a killer that is taking away lives.

Dr. Tokpa expressed the belief that all of those seeking votes from the people of Bong County must join the efforts in sensitizing the public on the danger the Ebola virus poses to the growth of the nation’s population. The Cuttington University President then congratulated Electoral District #1 Representative Tokpa Mulbah for being there for his people during this time when the nation is combating Ebola.

Bong Adm disappointed in college president

Bong County Assistant Superintendent for Development Anthony Sheriff has expressed is disappointed over the lack of coordination between the local administration and management of the Bong County Technical College.

Mr. Sheriff, in an exclusive interview with our Bong County correspondent, explained that the BCTC President, Dr. John Flomo and  co-workers continue to disrespect the local county administration in the running of the college, as well as completing the controversial complex of the college.

Mr. Sheriff made specific reference to the recent 150 thousand US Dollars allocated in the budget for the college single-handedly used to finish the ground floor of the building by Dr. Flomo, in consultation only with the Focal Person of the college 9name not available).

The Bong County Assistant Superintendent for Development expressed the belief that the attitude of the BCTC President was a serious disrespect to local authorities, and will not be tolerated, further adding that the college administration needed to understand the day-to-day running of the institution.

The college is currently operating from a private facility owned by the United Methodist Church in Gbarnga, Bong County. Since the appointment of Dr. John Flomo as President of the controversial college, the lack of coordination appears to be the order of the day. Superintendent Selena Polson Mappy, at a recent gathering in Gbarnga, cautioned the BCTC President against allowing himself to be used as a political tool at the expense of the people of Bong County.

The Bong County Technical College President has been accused of turning the college as a political entity, as he is always seen asking students to vote for incumbent senator Jewel Howard-Taylor, attributing the progress of the college  to her.

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