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Bong Sup & DS at loggerheads?

Bong County Development Superintendent Anthony Boakai Sheriff has broken silence in the county following a recent statement that he and his Boss Madam Esther Yamah Walker have not had any good working relationship since she resumed work following her suspension by President George Weah about eight months.Mr. Sheriff is currently the longest severing Assistant Superintendent for Development in the Republic of Liberia.

Recently on Super Bongese radio during a telephone interview, Mr. Sheriff said the county did not qualify from the group stage of the 2019/2020 National County sports meet as a result of Superintendent Walker’s alleged refusal to work with the advice of others.

Mr. Sheriff said “The Superintendent wants anything she says must be implemented and nothing else other will say it works besides what she says so that is the reason why Bong County was defeated by Nimba. And Let me also tell you that since eight months, the Superintendent and I have not been speaking” he alarms.

His Saturday January 11, 2020 statement has been greeted with clams and counter claims as many of the citizens have condemned the situation and describe it as a setback to the County’s development.

“For me what the DS said I think we need to take it very serious because if it is true that he and the superintendent do not have good working relationship then where are we heading as a County? How can we develop? Alexander S. Yarkpawolo one of the radio callers asks.

Mr. Yarkpawolo said there is a need for the Bong County Legislative Caucus Chairman Henry Willie Yallah to look into the matter and have it resolved adding that if that is not done, Bong will boast of little or no development under the government of President George Mannah Weah until his six years end.
Nancy Dennis a resident of the county has also described the situation as a spiritual problem which can only be solved by God.

“I think we need to pray for our county because when you start to see or hear about fight between the Heads of the home, what happens to the children? She inquires.
Bong County Superintendent Madam Esther Yamah Walker is yet to comment on the issue despite a request from our Bong County Correspondent about her side of the DS’s revelations.
By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong County

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