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Bong Superintendent jails six local officials

Bong County Superintendent Esther Walker has ordered the detention of six local officials in Electoral District #3, Bong County for allegedly torturing several residents of Gbelekpalah Town.

According to Superintendent Walker, her decision to detain the local officials results from their alleged involvement with the unprecedented traditional activities in the town.
In relation to the incident, our correspondent recalls that authorities of of Gbelekpalah Town recently invited a Guinean traditional herbalist only identified as Ben, to help establish reasons behind the underdevelopment of Gbelekpalah.The local officials had also tasked the Guinean national to establish the cause of the alleged mysterious death of their relatives.

Although the Government of Liberia has abolished Trial by Ordeal across the country, the local officials alleged that they were permitted by Bong County Inspector Victor Wesseh to carry out the exercise.

But according to Superintendent Walker, the imprisoned local authorities are expected to be forwarded to the 9th Judicial Circuit Court in Gbarnga to give reasons for the inhumane treatment carried out against citizens.
However herbalist Ben remains on the run.

Superintendent Walker condemns the local officials’ action and sensa a clarion call to other local authorities across the county to desist from treating citizens cruelly.
She warns that would – be perpetrators will bear the full weight of the law.

In the process of finding answers for the lack of development in their town and the deaths of their relatives, the local authorities joined herbalist Ben to demand suspected persons to sit in the sun for more than eight hours.

Meanwhile, Bong County Inspector Victor Wesseh who has been at the center of the controversy has contradicted the local authorities’ claim, as he told the NewDawn Bong County Correspondent that at no time did he give permission to authorities of Gbelekpalah to carry out the exercise.Notwithstanding some residents of the county who spoke anonymously insist that Inspector Wesseh allegedly permitted herbalist Ben to go to the town under an alleged financial arrangement.

Meanwhile the town chief of Gbelekpalah Abel Kerkulah, and the town’s development chairman Johansson Mulbah alleged that prior to inviting herbalist Ben in the town, they were instructed by Bong County Inspector Wesseh on the matter.

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They want Mr.Wesseh’s immediate removal from the post, alleging that his administration has been marred by professional improprieties.There are further allegations that Inspector Wesseh has been unlawfully collecting cattle and chickens from struggling farmers in other remote parts of the County.By Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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