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Bong supt., miners meet

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Bong County Superintendent Selena Mappy has concluded a one-day meeting with stakeholders of several diamond Mines in Lorla clan, Bong County. According to our Bong County correspondent, the meeting with the stakeholders, which took place in Jungle James Village, discussed the high level of lawlessness at diamond mines, claims of ownership of the area by authorities of Gbapolu County, as well as benefits for the citizens in the diamond-rich clan.

At the meeting, Superintendent Mappy told the gathering that Lorla Clan remains part of Bong County and not Gbapolu, as claimed by authorities of Gbapolu County, adding that the Clan was in Fuamah District- the only district in Bong County with a deed.

She maintained that the area has been part of Bong County long before the existence of Gbapolu County, warning miners against crimes and violence. She admonished them to always be peaceful, noting that lawlessness will not be tolerated in the business environment.

Madam Mappy told stakeholders at the diamond mines that that the area needed to be free of security threat as they went about their activities. She stressed the need for those mining diamonds in the area to contribute to the development of the community.

“You cannot come and mine diamond without contributing to the development of this community; whatever you’re taking from here must benefit the community people,” she stated.

After the meeting, some officers of the Liberia National Police took assignment in the area to monitor activities there. Bong County Police Commander Col. Morris Teaman, who attended the meeting, assured citizens that the police will remain in the area to protect lives and properties.

Diamond brokers, miners and ordinary citizens stressed the need for collaboration if the area must be developed using the resources. The diamond-rich Lorla Clan appears to be attracting the attention of many business people.

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