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Border Town Chiefs Receive Cell-Phones against Ebola

Cell phones NDA prominent health worker in Bong County is continuing the distribution of mobile phones to several towns along Liberia’s with neighboring Guinea.

Mr. Delino Kollie- a local businessman in Bong County, presented the phones to towns in Panta District, along the Liberian-Guinean border to help report any strange case of the Ebola to county and health authorities of the county, as the virus rages on in that neighboring country.

During the distribution, Mr. Kollie admonished the chiefs to quickly inform higher authorities when suspicious anyone entering their towns from Guinea.

He said as report continues to come about increase in cases of Ebola in Guinea, Liberians needed to tighten their borders with and take the prescribed precautionary measures to prevent the recurrence of the outbreak.

Mr. Kollie added that during the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, it was health workers who were heavily under threat as they cared for their patients and compatorits.

He told the chiefs to use the phones for the intended purpose, warning that they also needed to properly take care of them.

The chiefs commended Mr. Kollie for being patriotic, urging the government to deploy surveillance teams along the borders with Guinea and Sierra Leone as increased cases continue to be reported from the two neighbors.

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The chiefs expressed the belief that more needed to be put in place to prevent the return of the Ebola virus disease.

About twenty towns are expected to benefit from Mr. Delino Kollie’s gesture along the border in Bong County.By Papa Morris from Bong County -Edited by George Barpeen

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