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Boy Found Dead with Parts Missing in Bong

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3 yr old Police in Bong County have launched a thorough investigation into the death of little boy found dead on Settro Farm in Salala District. Jacob Jackson was found dead with several body parts missing. According to the coroner jury and eyewitnesses, the two and a half year-old child’s esophagus, tongue, eyes and penis were extracted.

He went missing on February 11 and was discovered dead on Friday, February 19. Police told our Bong County correspondent that they have detained three persons, while questioning several others who were on the coal field where the little boy went missing. 

The mother of the little boy told police investigation that she had sent her son with a bigger sister – six years old, to go to the main kitchen to await her. But while in route to the kitchen, two and a half year- old Jacob Jackson reportedly refused to follow his bigger sister. He is said to have returned to his mother just within the parameter of the coal field where there is also a little bush where it is believed he was taken away by his killers.

Citizens and security officers have been searching for him since he went missing. He was found in a creek long distance away from where he disappeared with his head decayed beyond recognition. Many have attributed the death of the little boy to ritualistic act, with speculations that it was done by people who want to ascend to state power.

By Papa Morris from Bong County-Edited by George Barpeen

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