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Brac vaccinates domestic animals

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaBrac-Liberia has embarked on a vaccination campaign for chickens and other livestock in its operational areas across Liberia. Brac-Liberia is a Non-governmental Organization here that is involved in agriculture, health and microfinance activities.

Brac Liberia Kakata Branch Manager Roseline Kollie

In an interview with reporters recently at her Kakata Office, the Branch Manager Madam Roseline Kollie, said the vaccination is targeting chickens, pigs, cows and goats.

She narrated that the exercise is intended to prevent these domesticated animals from getting sick and dying, adding that there are different diseases that cause animals to get sick. She noted after the vaccination, some of these animals may die because all would not get served.

Madam Kollie maintained that if the animals are treated against diseases, those who are raising them will be able to breed more and sell some to earn money. The Kakata Branch Manager indicated that Brac has sent hundreds of workers on the field to carry out the exercise.

She disclosed that though the organization gave out some of these animals to farmers to maintain, Brac is not only vaccinating them but it is also vaccinating animals that are personally own by residents who are not business partners. According to her, some of their animals sometimes leave their homes and associate other animals in the communities, thereby making them vulnerable to attracting diseases those community animals may have.

She further explained that prior to the kickoff of the vaccination process, people were sent to create awareness so owners of these animals can be informed about the activities.  Madam Kollie has however called on owners of the targeted animals to cooperate with the teams in the field to have their animals vaccinated against diseases.

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