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Bridge lauds Ellen for support to PSL

Bridge International Academies says President Sirleaf’s support to Partnership Schools for Liberia lays the basis for sustainable learning gains at the bedrock of the country’s educational system.

After less than five months as an operator, Bridge says it has seen dramatic improvements in the education sector.  “As a partner of the Government of Liberia, we are proud to be included in a positive initiative to radically improve learning outcomes in the country. Since September, Bridge has been studying and measuring the growth and improvements of our students. Bridge students are doing better in numeracy and literacy than their peers in nearby schools.

There are incredible opportunities for growth under this partnership and we expect to continue our initiative in Liberia, which is to support our teachers and communities- ensuring the children of Liberia receive the education that they truly deserve,” a statement from Bridge Country Director, Marcus Wleh reads.

According to a press release, the Partnership Schools for Liberia has 94 schools and some 27,000 students. To date, Bridge has nearly 9,000 children attending its schools. “We want to congratulate the 258+ committed teachers whose professional development remains a key part of our program in Liberia. School Management, Strong Parent-Teacher Associations, and innovative learning systems alongside the Liberian Curriculum have been a success factor for our instructional program delivery at 25 primary schools in 8 counties.

As a parent, I take the education of my children, our Liberian children very seriously. Parent views matter and they keep a keen eye on us to ensure we deliver. Bridge will continue to work alongside the government towards addressing issues of overage school dropout, gender parity and inclusive education.”


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