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Bring back Mary Broh

From every indication, the current Mayor of Monrovia can’t do the job effectively. The bow-wearing Jefferson Koijee is as inept as anything else with a dead vision for a city of about just 250 million residents.

His so-called dream of making Monrovia a green city has become not just a stay-birth, but a mess in totality, as heaps of filth from everywhere besiege the capital, oozing unpleasant stench in the air.

The current state of the capital is clearly a breeding ground for not only mosquitoes, rodents, including rats, mice, cockroaches, flies and leeches, but snakes due to stockpiled of garbage everywhere, posing serious health hazard to residents, while Mayor Koijee and his boys sit in their offices.

One personality that every Liberian, particularly residents of Monrovia hold in high esteem in all times for her efficient and excellent dedication to cleaning the city and its environs is former Mayor Mary Taryonnoh Broh, a.k.a “General Broh”, for her no nonsense posture.

Madam Broh is a workaholic and an achiever per excellence in all of the public offices she had served – whether at the Monrovia City Corporation, the Passport Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Birth Certificate section at the Ministry of Health or the General Services Agency, she always left an indelible footprint.Mary Broh is a public servant that some loves to hate, because of her uncompromising stance in having the job done, no matter who stands in her way.

She has publicly offered her expertise to this administration, specifically, the Monrovia City Corporation to help clean the city. But it seems the doors are shut before her for reasons unknown.

We call on President George Manneh Weah to consider the offer from Madam Broh and take her back to the MCC to turn things around there. She has the experience and passion to serve Liberia, politics aside.

Monrovia needs her to give the city a good facelift for the July 26 Independence celebration and even beyond. To continue living in the current filth, as we are with mosquitoes and rodents is a potential health hazard waiting to explode with diseases such as cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid, malaria, etc.

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Bringing back Mary Broh would be in the best interest of not only Monrovia residents, but the government itself, as it will keep the capital, which is the seat of the Liberian government hygienic enough to have a healthy population, including foreign residents in our midst.

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