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British Charity Boss Visits Liberia

A  British-based international charity has expressed great satisfaction over its partnership with a number of Liberian non-governmental organizations.

The Catholic Agency For Overseas Development or CAFOD said it is impressed with the level of relief work done thus far by Don Bosco Homes, the Center for Justice and Peace Studies and CARITAS-Gbarnga with regards to the partnership’s Emergency Relief Project in the Glaalay Community, Zogeh District in Nimba county, as well as other projects in Ganta and Virginia, outside Monrovia.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of CAFOD, Bishop John Rawstherone made the acknowledgement recently during a tour of a number of project areas in Glaa-lay and Ganta in Nimba County, as well as Savio Village in Virginia, Montserrado County where the CJPS, CARITAS-Gbarnga and Don Bosco Homes are implementing emergency relief and skills-training projects for refugees and young people funded by the Catholic Agency For Overseas Development, CAFOD.

Bishop Rawstherone, accompanies by an executive of CAFOD as well as a coordinator for Liberia and Sierra Leone, was received on arrival in Glaalay town by beneficiaries of his organization’s fund, including Ivorian refugees, chiefs and elders, as well as women and children of the community.

In  separate statements during a formally ceremony to welcome the CAFOD Board Chair sand delegation to Glaalay on Sunday, May I, 2011,who expressed heartfelt gratitude for the organization’s fruitful relations with the CJPS, Don Bosco Homes and CARITAS-Gbarnga.

They appealed to CAFOD, through its Board Chair, for more support to its partners in catering to their welfare as poverty-stricken people and refugees in distress, describing the three local NGOs as true and honest partners. In addition to the numerous appeals, a fourteen year-old refugee student in the 12th, Joeh Niah emphasized the urgency for education, a health center in the community, as well as food due to hunger.

The CJPS, Don Bosco and CARITAS-Gbarnga have already erected several community toilets, hand-pumps and shelters, and provided relief items to the refugees as part of the emergency relief efforts of the partnership. The chiefs, elders, women as well as refugees presented artifacts and other traditional materials to the CAFOD BOARD Chair in appreciation of his organization’s concern for their well being, through the partnership.

The facilities, including the Child-Friendly Center being constructed on the outskirts of the town, were then toured by the CAFOD Board Chairman and delegation, followed by a brief Mass at the Catholic Church preaching point opposite the Center.

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In Ganta, Nimba County on Monday, May 2, 2011, Bishop John and his delegation, escorted by the Executive Director of the Center for Justice and Peace Studies or CJPS , Mr. Joseph D. Howard and Don Bosco Homes’ Executive Director David Conneh visited the Ganta City Corporation, the G.W.R Public School, J.W. Pearson High School, as well as the Faith Institute of Beauty Therapy and the Victor Say Tailoring Shop where HIV/AIDS awareness, skills-training and other programs under auspices of the CJPS are being implemented for young people.

Bishop John, escorted by the Executive Director of Don Bosco Homes, also visited Savio Village in Virginia where he conducted Mass and toured facilities at the village, including a piggery project. Don Bosco’s  Executive Director David Conneh appealed for CAFOD’s assistance in upgrading the structures and other facilities at Savio Village due their declining conditions, while CJPS’ Joseph Howard earlier emphasized the need for support to the construction of its headquarters in Gbarnga, Bong County.

The Bishop of Hallam in England informed beneficiaries in both Nimba and Monrovia that the success of the various projects was a result of contributions from the poor, school children as well as other well-meaning individuals whose concern is to help the needy in Africa, especially Liberia.

He assured that CAFOD will continue to work in partnership with the CJPS, Don Homes and CARITAS in providing more assistance for relief and capacity-building to the needy and distressed in Liberia.

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