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Brown cautions Liberians on 2023

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Former Liberian Ambassador to the United Nations is challenging Liberians to focus on making right choice for the presidency in 2023.

Ambassador Lewis Garseedah Brown, II also a former Minister of Information from the former Sirleaf administration, laments if Liberians disregarded national debate and educational standard of presidential candidates during the 2017 elections, but expect that miracles will take place in their lives and the country than they should think again.

Speaking Tuesday this week at the launch of the Charles Walker Brumskine Memorial Lecture Series held in the Auditorium of the University of Liberia on Capitol Hill in Monrovia, he said when people elect leadership that lacks experience about governing system, they will suffer the sequences of their decision, which is affecting everybody in the country.

The late Cllr. Brumskine was a former presidential candidate and founder of the opposition Liberty Party. He died in 2020 after battling illness.

Ambassador Brown notes that Liberians usually prefer doing the wrong things but expect good things to happen for them, which according to him, does not work in that manner.

He stresses that if Liberians made bad decision of electing incompetent and corrupt leadership, the society will be corrupted with poor governing system.

He warns the hardship of the people will increase as the results of bad economic policy under the current administration.

Browne notes the lack of respect for rule of law by those at the helm of power undermines the forward march of the governance structure any nation.

He emphasizes that Liberians have seen the effect of bad and corrupt leadership and hopes this time around; they will be prepared to correct their mistake in 2023 to avoid further hardship in the nation. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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