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Brownie Samukai damns Senator Tengbeh

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Ex-defense minister Brownie Samukai has seriously hit back at Senator George Tengbeh of Lofa County, saying the senator lacks leadership ability to unite the country.
Mr. Samukai, who was recently tried and adjudged guilty for misapplying retirement funds for soldiers of the Armed Forces of Liberia, told a live talk show Monday in Monrovia that Senator Tengbed has lost the mandate of the people of Lofa and is only seeking public attention by calling on plenary to investigate a fellow Senator Darius Dillon for describing the Liberian Senate as rotten and spineless.

A senatorial hopeful for Lofa County, he said the move by Senator Tengbeh to have his colleague investigated for also referring to the passes of the recast national budget as “5G” is an abuse of Senator Dillon’s constitution right to freedom of speech.

According to the former ruling Unity Party official, since the ascendancy of Senator Tengbeh to the Liberian Senate, he has exhibited no leadership skill, so he (Brownie Samukai) has wholeheartedly accepted the mandate of the people of Lofa to contest the pending midterm senatorial election.

“That’s not the leadership I want for Lofa or the people of Lofa wants; how can you write your colleagues to have someone investigated with the possibility of being expelled for saying something that infuse? That is his feelings, if someone says you are incompetent than make yourself competent; when journalists are complaining that the bathrooms are stink than fix the bathrooms, that’s called leadership,” Samukai argued.

He said Liberians should accept the fact that the country would never develop by handouts, saying, “beg of rice, donations or putting money in someone pocket cannot help. Teach the man how to fish, provide better learning environment for him then he will be capable to helping other people.”

On Thursday, May 28, Senator George Tengbeh wrote plenary of the Liberian Senate to investigate his colleague of Montserrado County, Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, for allegedly denigrating the Senate.

Tengbeh’s communication which appeared on the Senate floor noted that Dillon’s willful and intentional behavior has cast a bad image on the Liberian Senate and individual senators. He explained that on May 20, Sen. Dillon accused 23 senators, who affixed their signatures on the COVID-19 recast budget of allegedly receiving bribes. He wants Dillon to authenticate his claim. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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