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Brumskine goes deeper

It appears the standard bearer of the opposition Liberty Party or LP Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine is taking the 2017 Presidential elections as a do or dies battle as he goes deeper into the woods of the country rallying support for his presidency.

The Liberty Party man over the weekend joined thousands of supporters in Western Liberia as they endorsed his candidacy for the October 2017 presidential poll ahead of the National Elections Commission or NEC deadline for candidates’ nomination on July 11.

Brumskine who is taking a shot at the Liberian Presidency for the third time seems to find himself in a better position this time around compared to the 2011 elections in which he performed dismally.

His rhetoric appears to have changed ahead of the October polls. His message has centered more on unity, denouncing tribal and religious politics which seem to be the ugliest theme ahead of this year’s poll.

On Saturday, he told hundreds of jubilant supporters-mainly youth that tribe should not be an issue but that what matter most is the interest of the country “and together we can do better”, he said.

“Whether you are a Vai man, a Gola man, Gio man, we are all one and we need to put the interest of our country above everything else”. Brumskine said amidst cheers from supporters as he made several stops along the way to Cape Mount County. At stops along the way, he would say, “I have come here today, not to campaign, but to see you and for you to see me”.

“It seems you people have been deserted but I have come to tell you that there is hope. I bring you greetings from my Vice running mate, Harrison Karnweah. He wants you to know that together, we can all do better,” he said.

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At one stop, citizens asserted that the ruling Unity Party Government had failed and that they were now looking up to the opposition Liberty Party for a change. The general rise in the price of basic commodities and the free fall of the Liberian Dollar against the United States Dollar, which has raised the cost of living here, was one specific issue the citizens highlighted for which they want a change of government.

Brumskine’s first stop was at Gbah Fombeh, before arriving in Damballah where a formal program was held to endorse him for the Liberian Presidency.Political observers say the endorsement is important because it constitutes massive political accomplishment given that Cape Mounty is the home of Cllr. Varney Sherman, the immediate past chairman of the ruling Unity Party and also a traditional strong hold of the UP.Brumskine seems to be laying the ground work for a huge political upset if Saturday’s endorsement is anything to go by, another observer said.-New Dawn

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