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Brumskine hoists LP’s flag in Nimba

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Presidential hopeful Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine is dining and wining with the people of votes-rich Nimba County as he opened the LP’s office and hoisted its green and white flag over the weekend in the county.

Brumskine hoists

Cllr. Brumkine, a two times contender for the presidency is heading a high-level party delegation in Nimba on a four-day mission in what seems an effort to take the LP to the electorate ahead of the 2017 Presidential and Representative elections.

He graced an elaborate ceremony in Sanniquellie on Saturday attended by hundreds of citizens, pre-dominantly young people, including Sanniquellie-Mah District Commissioner Gabriel Dunbar Garta Gbarlon, students, traditional dancers and various community groups, among others.

Brumskine told the people of Nimba Liberty Party is the only political party with a clear vision for Liberia based on four strategic principles dubbed the Four Rs: Reconciliation, Recovery, Reform and Rebuilding. The LP leader said he intends to explain these principles in detail to the Liberian people, while looking forward to free, fair and transparent elections in 2017.

He said the issue of his resignation from active politics as was pronounced in 2011should not be a matter, explaining that it is enshrined in the Liberty Party’s By-Law and Constitution that if you contested in an election and lost, you automatically resign or step aside to give other partisans an opportunity to relish the democratic freedom of the party.

“Again I say the Liberty Party is more democratic in Liberia and I did resign to maintain our By-Law and Constitutional mandate”, Cllr. Brumskine added.  However, he said the LP’s Midterm Convention held in Lofa County in 2015 brought him back to active politics as full-fledged political leader of the Liberty Party.

He accused President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of not promoting the Liberianization Policy which sets aside 26 businesses exclusively for Liberians, adding, “This is something we have done in the past and hoping to do in the future, if elected.’’

“If I am elected by Liberians come 2017, we will develop a middle class business by empowering Liberians to do their own businesses.’’ By Allen Paye Lablah, Sanniquellie

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