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Brumskine-Karnwea festival ends

Thousands of Bassa Tribes men and women of Lower Monsterrado last Friday hosted Liberty Party Standard bearers Cllr. Charles Brumskine in an event that was largely given to offering of prayer for Victory.

The event was hosted at the Gbengba Town Sports pitch in District # 6 Monsterrado County. In attendance was a battery of clergy men cutting across other tribes.The organizers said it is because they know that God is the ultimate in installing a leadership that will turn things around for the mammoth problems Liberia is contending with, so they gathered to present our supplication for divine blessing to come down on all Liberty Party candidates.

“Our effort is not a selfish one for the promotion of Bassa hegemony knowing that all tribes matter in nation building, but we are conscious of the open mindedness of Cllr Brumskine and Vice President Karnwea as the winning team that can proffer much needed transformation,” one of the organizers disclosed.

Cllr Brumskine is quoted as saying “I am humbled to be here and can sense the presence of God may your collective prayers reach the heavens that can judge our intentions.”
Putting God in the political bid campaign demonstrates sincerity of purpose and passion to succeed without relying on mortal brinkmanship, observed a political pundit.

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