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Brumskine’s courage is commendable

Liberty Party Standard Bearer Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine has introduced a process in politics in Liberia that is very unprecedented, for which he should be commended by all law-abiding citizens.He claims there were widespread irregularities and fraud in the just-ended Presidential and Representatives Elections conducted in the country, and is therefore, challenging the results. Specifically, he questions poll results ascribe to his party by the National Elections Commission. He thinks he was cheated.

Cllr. Brumskine believes pieces of evidence in his possession are overwhelming and has presented a formal complaint to the NEC. Additionally, he calls on the Commission to halt the 7 November runoff between the governing Unity Party and the Coalition for Democratic Change, pending investigation into his complaint.

But what is worth noting is the leadership and control he has provided for partisans of the LP in the midst of the circumstances. He has a strong conviction that the best approach in seeking redress thru the justice system of Liberia other than mobilizing partisans and thugs into the streets, which could instigate electoral violence with unimaginable consequences.

We challenge all Liberian politicians and political leaders to emulate the path chosen by the LP Standard Bearer in handling disagreements from the ballot box. It demonstrates in no immeasurable terms the leadership capacity of the politician who wants to become the country’s next President.
When a leader can exercise calm and is collectively sober in the midst of distress and provocation, he clearly demonstrates maturity and level-headedness, which indicates that if given the opportunity, he is capable of presiding over a nation with multiple complications and diverse political, cultural and religious society.

History from our recent past elections, especially the 2005 and 2011 polls, presents the contrary. Political leaders led followers into street battle with State security forces, leading to property damage and loss of lives.
We should not have a repeat of such bloody scenario that took our dear country to drain. In short, we stress responsible politicking that would not only ensure peace, but uphold the body politics.

As Liberians go to the runoff on November 7, we call on the leaderships of both CDC and the UP to emulate from Cllr. Brumskine and the Liberty Party by remaining civil and peaceful in seeking redress to whatever concerns. We challenge any side that would want to protest results of the runoff, to muster enough courage like Cllr. Brumskine and go before the law to seek remedy rather than using violence.

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