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Budget Discrepancy?

-Former Speaker alarms

Ex-speaker Bhofal Chambers discloses that there was a huge discrepancy in his budget during his leadership at the House of Representatives, while his then deputy received more money.

By Bridgett Milton

Monrovia, Liberia, April 24, 2024—Former House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers reveals here that there was a huge budget discrepancy during his leadership. The actual budget he signed did not reflect how much he earned compared to his deputy, current Speaker J. Fonati Koffa.

Dr. Chambers said his office was allotted 2,216,399.00 in the 2023 budget, while his then-deputy, Koffa, earned $4,038,687.00. However, he notes that the budget from which he spoke differed from the 2023 budget published online.

“I was stunned to learn that the budget of the Deputy Speaker of the 54th Legislature was US$4,038,687.00; in my case, the budget given to my office was US$2,216,399.00”, he explains.

Dr. Chambers continues that a significant portion of that amount (his budget) was deliberately not attended to by the Ministry of Finance and must admit, as some government officials at that time tried.

“I must say that the Honorable Minister failed to honor his responsibility; he helped to overtly undermine the Office of the Speaker of the 54th Legislature. He may not have been alone; copies of email messages from the former Comptroller General to the CBL to release or clear checks for my office are in my possession.”

Chambers, speaking to this paper on Wednesday, April 24, 2024, at his residence in Paynesville, said this was the case with him for the past six years, and he invited the minister along with some senior staff on a few occasions, but there were always promises that were unfulfilled.

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He notes that what he stood for yesterday at the Legislature helped to keep Liberia alive, safe, peaceful, and stable.

“We stood for the people, we spoke for the people, and we advised the government. Liberia could have been much better.”

The Former Speaker notes that his resolve to put the people first and serve the best interests of the country led a deep state to attempt to fight back, destabilizing the running of the House of Representatives, strangling his office, and banishing him from the state.

The Maryland former lawmaker adds that his only craving or sin was to see Liberia become productive and prosperous, and his past action was to facilitate the process of moving Liberia’s annual budget to more than a billion United States Dollars.

Speaking on the Bea Mountain issue, he said revenue generated per annum from the Bea Mountain Mining Company needs to be disclosed, revenue sharing between the company and the government should be transparent, and value addition must be prioritized.

He cautions that government officials should have no business dealing with Bea Mountain directly or indirectly, saying, “Realizing that the price of gold has significantly zoomed or increased, corresponding benefits revenue-wise must come to the state, workers must have their just salaries and benefits.” Editing by Jonathan Browne

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One Comment

  1. Mr. Bhofal Chambers you are just nothing but a liar who pretend to love the people. If according to you your fight at the legislature was in the best interest of the people and so this why your own cdc colleagues undermined your regime than why did you alert at that time as speaker of the 54th legislature which of Couse the gavel of authority was in your hands and cdc party? Keep quiet and live with your frustration.
    The ARREST agenda is in full swing for your information Bhofa Chambers former speaker who failed miserably in the 54th legislature.

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