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Burial ceremony turns sour in Nimba

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A burial ceremony in Burtein Town in District Number 8 in Nimba County turned sour last weekend when fighting ensued among mourners.

The New Dawn Nimba County Correspondent said the incident occurred when a relative of the deceased- A. D. Dangan attacked one of the mourners, accusing him of “climbing on a coconut tree belonging to him as a baboon and injuring,” while the coffin of the late old lady Dangan was being escorted.

Several relatives and mourners sustained serious injuries when fighting erupted when a counter-attack was launched against A. D. Dragon and family.

The scene, according to our correspondent, scared others who had gone to sympathized with the bereaved, driving them away from the grave site.

Eyewitnesses told our correspondent that last weekend’s incident in Burtein Town leading to the fight was a culture practiced in the town whenever a ‘member of the animal societal’ dies. Members of such society perform like animals.

The late old lady Dangan was reportedly a member of the “animal society (deer)” in the town.

By Franklin Doloquee from Nimba County

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