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You may be shy and even feel inadequate, but you will not succeed in business unless you are connected to people. Move toward neighbors as well as members of your family. Make that call and write that brief note to that closed friend. Be accessible. You will never possess what you are unwilling to pursue. Go to the people on the streets. Go to the out of the way places.

Go everywhere. You must be reachable if you want to succeed in business. Winners in business are reachers. They dread rejection, but they believe their goal is worth it. Go to where people are because your dream is connected to people. As lawyers need clients so also you need customers. 

To become a success in business you have to risk rejection. This is one reason most great salespeople say that knowing that fourteen out of fifteen people will say no merely inspires them to hurry and make their presentations to as many as possible, to reach that one who will accept. Learn how to handle rejection if want to be a good businessman. Leave that executive office. Climb out of your four-runner! Make that call and write that letter. Sooner or later you will succeed.

Word of the Day

What is the Psychology of Branding?

Most people think that branding is about trying to get people to “remember you” or to “remember your name.” It’s not. Branding is about getting people to connect your brand name with the result that they want.  

Just remembering your name isn’t enough. Big companies spend millions of dollars to get people to remember their brand name – only to learn later that they remember it, but don’t remember what the product was or what it does.

Exchange Rate

Central Bank of Liberia
Buying LD$84
Selling LD$85
Forex Bureaus
Buying LD$86
Selling LD$87.5

Commodities prices on the Local Market
Rice US$46.00
Flour US$45.00
Cement US$9.00
Sugar US$48.00
Vegetable Oil (Tin) US$32.00
Palm Oil (Tin) LD$1,900.00
Gasoline (Gal.) LD$390.00

Precious Metals
Gold US$1,285/oz
Platinum US$1,424/oz
Palladium US$772/oz
Silver US$19.84/oz

Base metals:
Copper US$ 6,643/t 
Aluminum US$ 1,785/t 
Nickel US$ 15,756/t 
Zinc US$ 1,965/t 
Lead US$ 2,054/t 
Tin US$ 22,800/t 


Oil US$107.5/bbl
Natural Gas US$4.377/mmbtu
Uranium US$34.40/lb



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