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Business & Motivation

The whole world is just about business. Business is life and life is business. There isn’t anything that does not involve the process or the concepts of business. So, as you read on, it is important for you to know that what you do with the information that you are receiving will determine your place in the world of business.

Remember that time marches on and opportunity waits for no one. You are the only one who has the absolute power over what you do next, you and only you! Beginning today, I urge you to open your eyes and look. You will not see those opportunities until you look.

Put on a new perspective. See things differently from others. Change your methods-your ways of doing things. The government will not do it for you. Your friends or family members will not do it for you either. You will have to do it yourself. Open your eyes today and look around and you will see endless opportunities available here in this Country. Know this; about 95 percent of your success depends on you. This has to do with your ideas, time, energy and work.

Word of the Day
What is Active Contract Files?

These are records of the entire procurement proceedings that are still open and with the contract still in progress. Maintenance, retention and disposal of procurement and contract records are governed by the public procurement legal and regulatory framework or other relevant law.

Exchange Rate

Central Bank
Buying             LD$82
Selling             LD$83

Forex Bureaus
Buying             LD$86
Selling             LD$87.5

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Commodities prices on the Local Market
Rice                             US$46.00
Flour                            US$45.00
Cement                       US$9.00
Sugar                           US$48.00
Vegetable Oil (Tin)     US$32.00
Palm Oil (Tin)              LD$1,900.00
Gasoline (Gal.)                 LD$390.00

Precious Metals:
Gold US$1,285/oz
Platinum US$1,424/oz
Palladium US$772/oz
Silver US$19.84/oz

Base metals:
Copper US$ 6,643/t
Aluminum US$ 1,785/t
Nickel US$ 15,756/t
Zinc US$ 1,965/t
Lead US$ 2,054/t
Tin US$ 22,800/t


Oil US$107.5/bbl
Natural Gas US$4.377/mmbtu
Uranium US$34.40/lb

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